Urban Renewal for Art's Sake


Try-me is an urban restoration project offering innovative space for artists, and art educators. Try-me is located at 1623 West Main Street in the West Main Street Arts District of Richmond, Virginia, and is the former home of the Try-me Bottling Company.

The building has been renovated with a respectful appreciation for its trade history and a sensitivity to the preservation of its primary construction materials: brick, concrete, wood, steel, and glass. Facing north, the fenestration of its Main Street fa├žade and ten large original skylights impart a wash of natural light into the 12,000 square foot interior.  The space has been designed to configure with maximum versatility allowing opportunities for both visual and performing arts. The project provides a number of amenities including state of the art private storage, lighting, temperature and humidity control, electronic security, catering facilities, and a modern art library, all of which enhance usability for diverse art-centered purposes and inspire artists, students, teachers, and art lovers!

1623 West Main Street
Richmond, Virginia 23221

Telephone: 804-340-5272
Email: tracy@try-me.org
Website: www.try-me.org

Try-me Project Restoration Team

Sanford Bond, Principal of 3north Architects

General Contractor

Dovetail Construction

HVAC Design and Installation

Marshall Mechanical

Visit Marshall Mechanical's Try-me building page.